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BBC Breakfast

Discussing my experiences filming 'The Sweet Makers: A Tudor Treat' on BBC Breakfast

The One Show

My appearance on 'The One Show'.

The Sweet Makers: A Tudor Treat - BBC (Trailer)

Filmed earlier this year for the BBC, watch Myself and 3 amazing sweet professionals Diana, Andy, Paul in full Tudor dress using only the kit available during the Tudor era to make historic recipes. Challenging doesn't describe it! This was a crazy, fun and sometimes weird experience.

Great substitute for processed sugar

Fed up of baking with processed sugar? Here's a healthy alternative to processed sugar! How to make date paste.

How To Buttercream a cake

Step by step instruction showing how to create a beautiful ombre buttercream cake

Quick sugar rose without cutters

How to make a beautiful sugar rose without using cutters.

Medal of order of the British Empire

Getting my medal of the Order of the British Empire! No two days are the same.

Yummy Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake

A recipe for delicious chocolate cake made without processed sugar *and* without sweeteners

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