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What I do

Pretty Gorgeous Cake Company

I set up a cake making business in 2009 as Cakes by Cynthia to earn money doing what I loved whilst spending time with my new born son. It soon grew into the Pretty Gorgeous cakes brand making hundreds of cakes a year designed in-house.

Along the way I have also developed some other passions.

Pretty Gorgeous
Young Hertford Business Awards

A lot of my growth as a business person and as a cake designer was spurred on by entering competitions for awards. This forces you to look at your actions critically and improve them. I have devised this awards to encourage teenagers to come out of their shell, put on their thinking caps and start putting themselves and their business ideas forward. I have naturally started the competition in Hertford- my UK hometown from where I hope to grow the awards into a national one.

Vision 153

A few years ago, a wonderful friend of mine introduced me to this South African charity and after learning about what they do, I got in touch and we have mutually adopted one another. This charity comprised of a small group of ordinary people- like you or I, feed hundreds of orphans and aged every single day. Every single penny they raise goes towards those who need it. No long administration expenses, just food on plates and blankets on cold shoulders. I have a lot of love and respect for this small team.

153 Vision
Public Speaking and mentorship

I do public speaking and get invited to places on the strength of the non-conventional path with which I came to do what I do. I provide mentorships with Oxford Brooks University and guest lecture at a university once in a while.

I have also just taken part in a BBC Series The Sweet Makers which was great fun.

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